The Journey is Yours. Where you take it is up to you.

When I was a young kid growing up in Brooklyn, I remember going shopping with my parents and watching them have a custom wrought iron lamp made. They also had a faux wrought iron fireplace that hung on the living room wall. I now have that fireplace in my house. We had many painted pictures and pedestals with Roman statues on them. I would say, remembering back, that our apartment in a city housing project was not boring and quite unique. We had plastic slip covers on the chairs and couches in the living room (it was common in those days).

My early childhood vacations, and even when I grew up and graduated college and moved to Florida, consisted of going to the Catskill Mountains, Florida, and on cruises.

Fast forward some 20 years: I eventually got married to a wonderful Russian girl, Angela, and we have two sons Daniel & Matthew. I have always been involved with various organizations in the community serving on committees and boards.

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What an Experience

The Gorilla Story

You Gotta Love Nature

Always Searching For The Shot

One day in 2008, while on the computer, there was a WPBT – Public Broadcasting Television station having a silent auction fundraiser. I discovered that there was a small group travel company that donated a trip to see Polar Bears in the wild as one of the auction items, a Polar Bear Trip – to see Polar Bears ….. In the wild? Wow!! – that sounded interesting, so I went to their website. There I found trips to see all kinds of animals and nature around the world – Harp Seals in Canada, all kinds of animals in Africa & Penguins in Antarctica, Tigers in India, Whales in Baha and British Columbia, the Galapagos Islands and Bears in Alaska and more … Whew!! – I was amazed!!!!!!! My youngest son was turning 6 at the time and I decided our very first trip would be to the Galapagos Islands.

And that’s where and when my passion for photographing nature started. It was no big deal at first – I took pretty good pictures. I also made a photo book – WOW – how exciting to be able to show your family and friends the pictures I took and what I experienced. Since then I’ve traveled to Antarctica, Africa, the Arctic, Canada, Alaska, Baja Mexico, China, South America, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Europe, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Colorado and more.